• Welcome to my online portfolio. I am an Auburn University graduate with a BA in public relations.

    This website was designed to tell you about my experience in sales, marketing and communication.

  • Thank you for your interest in previewing my objectives to provide a hands on, honest and "no clock watching" dedication to my craft.

  • I am a very quick, intuitive performer.

    I will be creative, responsive and tireless in fulfilling company performance goals.

I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.

Christopher Weiss

Kreller Business Information Group International Investigations Consultant

Contact me at: Cweiss@kreller.com

John O'Brien

President, University Directories College/University Marketing and Advertising

Contact me at: JObrien@ucampusmedia.com

Dr. Susan Waters

Professor at Auburn University Teaching and researching social networks and social media

Contact me at: sew0013@auburn.edu

Ash Deshmukh

Sr. VP at Tom James Company Responsible for sales training and recruiting top talent

Contact me at: a.deshmukh@tomjames.com